Food Services

Food Services

fileSwift is perfect for anyone in the food services industry who needs a gorgeous, professionally-built website at a remarkably affordable price.

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While you're busy cooking up your masterpiece, your website is working to bring 'em in.

fileSwift offers peace of mind that your customers can easily find the information they need, quickly and easily on all devices, so that you can focus on your next mouthwatering dish.

All the tools you need to tell your story.

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Full Screen Images

Our image-driven layout is bold and impressive. Leverage fun parallax or fixed-screen effects for added wow factor.

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Responsive Design

With its beautiful, responsive design, your site will present you and your business in the best possible light. Content is easily available by either scrolling or swiping — making it a perfect fit for modern devices, and modern audiences.

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Eye-Catching Animations

Enhance display with built in animations, or customize your own using on-board tools. Subtle animations, such as fading in or sliding on scroll, draw eyes to your content and add a more interesting experience.

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Versatile Story Blocks

fileSwift has a plethora of solutions for displaying your content in its best light, including many layout options for images and text, slides, forms, widget embeds, and menus.

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Plays well with others.

fileSwift integrates the tools you are already using, be that embedding timely promotions from Twitter, reservations from OpenTable and Resy, seasonal menu offerings from Instagram and Pinterest, and more...

iPad showing online menu
iPad showing online menu

Menus with Structured Data Markup

Using structured data helps search engines better understand your content, which in turn helps them rank it more appropriately in search results.

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Local Business

fileSwift makes it easy to define yourself as a local business, making it easier for search engines to identify you and include you in local search. Add custom maps, operating hours and contact information

ipad displaying restaurant business info

SEO goodness baked right in.

Search Engine Optimization is key for having your site rank high in search results. fileSwift has the goodies your site needs to climb to the top of the list. 

Structured Data Markup

Structured Data Markup

The fileSwift platform leverages Structured Data Markup (SDM) to helps search engines understand how to interpret and display the content of your site. This helps Google, etc.  understand your content better and faster, and can help enhance your site's visibility in search features.

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Meta tags for sharing and search

Built in tools for meta tags and images ensure your site will display well on search engine results, social feeds, and sharing.

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Modern best practices

fileSwift adheres to modern best practices for markup, optimizing usability and indexing on search engines.

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ADA Compliant

fileSwift platform complies with the American Disabilities Act Web Accessibility Standards & Requirements. 

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No database, no problem

Content on the user-facing site is published as flat files — which means there’s no database to search, pages load faster, and there’s no online data to fall victim to hacks or crashes.

Expert help

We’re here to guide you through the process with personalized support. From the initial discovery process, through key touch points along the way, we’ll lead you through the experience — helping develop and decide on content, and drawing from our decades of experience to ensure your site is built to serve your needs.